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5 Ways to Protect Your Car This Winter:
Posted on Mon January 25, 2016
1. Wash. Go wash your car as much as possible. Salt is corrosive and needs to be removed to help prevent damage to any exposed metals, especially the undercarriage. Even if a coating has been applied to protect the underside of your vehicle, the salt still needs to be rinsed off. Using a car wash’s undercarriage wash or a pressure washer to rinse off the undercarriage is much easier than replacing expensive parts! 2. Wax. Get your car cleaned and waxed by a professional detailer to protect your vehicle’s paint. A good coat of wax will create a barrier of protection between your glossy, beautiful paint and that nasty winter road grime. 3. Tires. Salt is corrosive to metal and sucks the moisture out of things. Imagine what it’s doing to your tires! Remember to occasionally clean and dress your tires with one of the many products available that offer hydration and protection. Applying a glaze to your wheels or hubcaps can also help prevent the grime from sticking so easily. Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure to improve mpg and prevent uneven wear. 4. Windshield. The salt and sand can damage your windshield and wipers too! Wash both frequently to keep the grit from etching your glass. Make sure you actually pick up and wipe off your wipers and the glass where they usually rest. If your wipers are dirty, using them can grind the dirt into the windshield and damage it. Using windshield washer fluid with antifreeze can help defrost your car, but be careful not to use the wipers to remove the ice. The ice can scratch the glass! It’s happened to me! Try keeping a separate spray bottle of washer fluid with you that you can use while you are defrosting and cleaning off your car. Spray the window, start warming up your car, remove the snow and then try cleaning your windows last. The ice will be partially melted by your defroster and the washer fluid, making it much easier to scrape off. That way your car will be ready to go by the time you get in! 5. Tools. Use tools designed to remove ice and snow from cars. If you have to get creative and use things like brooms or shovels to clean off your car, be extra careful. Use your hands to remove enough snow so you can see exactly where your car is before you go digging! There are plenty of scrapers and tools made just for cleaning vehicles, but most still require caution. Even the typical plastic scraper can scratch the paint, so just be careful and take it slow. Don’t forget to clean off the top of your car. There are people on the road behind you! Ice and snow falling from your vehicle can damage the car behind you or land on the road and cause another drive to lose control. Roof racks can make it difficult to remove all the snow from the top of your car, but there are long-handled tools you can buy or even make that can help you help other drivers! We at hope you use these tips to help protect your car this winter and drive safe!

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